August 28, 2014

Three Asians and a White Girl go to Michigan

A couple of weekends ago we went on a weekend roadtrip to Southern Michigan. It was the perfect relaxing weekend. Our initial plan was to go visit a couple of wineries but we completely forgot about the time change to eastern so only had time for one. It all turned out for the best though, we stayed at the Round Barn Winery for a couple hours trying multiple wines. 

Afterwards, we drove to St. Joseph, a town along the coast of Lake Michigan, where we walked along the beach and had some dinner. 

The next day, we went blueberry picking! So much fun! I think we all went a little crazy because we were so focused on picking blueberries to fill our buckets but it was worth it. The berries were super sweet!

July 24, 2014

Two Asians and a White Girl Get Free Pizza

No, we did not color coordinate
Ming was back in Chicago for a weekend. So obviously our plans included eating and drinking. Friday night started off a bit of a mess but it can only go up from there, right?

July 14, 2014

Two Asians and a White Girl go to the Beach

This photo is actually from last month but we've been neglecting the blog lately so I wanted to post something fun. And yes, we replaced one of the Asians with a different Asian. Ming wasn't in town at the time.

May 1, 2014

Review: Lush Herbalism Cleanser

Yes, another Lush review. No, still don't work for them but these products honestly are what I have been using and I wanted to add my two cents. ^.^

April 24, 2014

#TBT: Apartment Family Portrait

This takes us back almost 4 years ago. Ming drew this wonderful portrait of our "Apartment Family" in college. Thank goodness she did not give up the whole business degree thing otherwise Jessica and I might have had to support her. But during our Junior year of college, we got this crazy idea to live together with another of our friend. We lived together for 2 very long years! JK! It actually was a blast and went by way too fast! From staying up late watching movies and True Blood (well some of us who could stay up) to making dinners, pulling pranks and just doing what all the other crazy college kids did when they finally got their own place. It really was an awesome time! They just wish they could live with me again!

April 14, 2014

Haul: Sephora, Target and Outlet Shopping!

Less than a week after a discussion in class about compulsive behaviors, including shopping, I go on a spending spree. But I maintain that I do not have a problem. All of this is totally justifiable...and necessary. Ok, maybe not necessary but I got some insane deals.

Review: Lush Fresh Face Mask in Love Lettuce

My second experience with a Lush Fresh Face Mask was a bit mixed. I decided to try the Love Lettuce mask, described as a "balancing mask for all skin types".