February 27, 2014

#TBT: New York, November 2013

Times Square

#TBT, or Throwback Thursday, is a series where every Thursday we look back on our favorite memories throughout the years. (Yes, I realize hashtags are useless on Blogger but deal with it) We have been friends for over 8 years so there are quite a lot of memories to choose from. While our New York trip isn't much of a throwback, it's the most recent trip we took and I got a pretty good ab workout from laughing so hard the whole weekend.

Planning stage: Google maps sure comes in handy

Some highlights of the trip:

So. Many. Bags. O.O There were multiple tables like this
Rebecca Minkoff sample sale - As a self proclaimed shopaholic, I was super excited to go to my first sample sale. I didn't buy anything as I already have a mini Mac but Ming got a gorgeous navy mini Mac (so we can match! yay! *Ming rolls eyes reading this*)

NYC food tour - Laduree, Lady M, Luke's Lobster, Veniero's, Nai Tapas, Halal Guys...let's just say we didn't go hungry on this trip.

One of the pools at the 9/11 Memorial
9/11 Memorial - I would say this is a must see at least once. It was a sombering and chilling experience.

Interesting wallpaper in the bathroom of Raines Law Room
Cayenne Pepper night - Friday night we went to The Tippler (really nice and cozy bar) where Courtney inadvertently ordered a drink with cayenne pepper in it thinking it was just a dash of cayenne. No. It was much more than a dash. Then, after meeting up with Ming's coworkers, we went to a "speakeasy", Raines Law Room, where they both accidentally ordered cayenne pepper drinks. TIL: read the drink descriptions. Finally, we went to Halal Guys where they got the hot sauce on their chicken and rice while we were so excited we forgot the sauce entirely. Goes to show that no matter what happens, if you're in good company, you can always have a good time.

And one lowlight of the trip:

On our last day, our schedule was pretty tight and after visiting the 9/11 memorial, we got caught in traffic. Took nearly an hour to get back to our hotel when it should have taken 15-20 min and both Courtney and I were worried we'd miss our flights. Luckily, we both made it however if I hadn't made the connecting train back to Newark by mere minutes, I would have for sure missed my flight.

At NBC Studios

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