March 14, 2014


So #TBT Fail! I forgot to post this yesterday but better late than never! #TBF #TGIF!!

 Spring Break 2009 at Notre Dame University

Since it is Jess's Spring Break and mine is coming next week, I decided to put a picture of our first college Spring Break. Now most college kids decide to head south for Spring Break and live it up but not us. We decide to go to another college in the Midwest. It was a fun trip though! We spent a few days with our friend Jackie at Notre Dame. The campus is gorgeous! One of my favorite parts of the campus is the Grotto. There are candles that you can light and you can pray there. We walked around campus and saw "Touch Down Jesus" and the Cathedral. The Cathedral is breath taking! The list to get married there is three years long! But I can totally see why. The stained-glass windows and arches are beautiful. It is definitely something that you need to see! My friends dorm was cool too. There were sinks in their rooms and there was also one of those really old elevators with the iron gate you had to close before the actual doors closed. It was awesome! The best part of the trip though was being able to spend the break with my besties!

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