March 30, 2014

Travel Sunday

Sorry about the delay! This week has been flying by for me. Last month I was working in the Netherlands which was very fun but everytime I travel, I always get into some kind of situation.

Lucerne, Switzerland

I went to Switzerland over the weekend. I don't know about everyone else but whenever I think of Switzerland, I imagine quaint little villages surrounded by mountains everywhere. Therefore, when I booked my hotel in a town called Lucerne, my thought process was "oh it's only going to be a small village, I'll just look around once I get off the train and I'll just see the hotel sign". Wrong. Completely wrong. Stepping off the train at Lucerne was less quaint village and more busy city center. And instead of easily finding my hotel, I could see multiple hotels from the train station, none of which were mine of course. This led to me and my co-worker first walking down one street, then another street, somehow hoping we could see our hotel sign. After a couple tries, we finally gave up and went to go get a taxi. Another mistake. turns out our hotel was only a couple blocks away. The taxi driver basically looked at us like we were crazy as he pointed down one street and said "500 meters" (Translation: not far).

Lesson learned, towns in Switzerland can be larger than expected. And always have an idea of where your hotel is.

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